API Architecture and Design


API Development has been a very interesting and challenging type of architecture in the recent years. To add some context, previously when the world had very less users, scalability wasn’t of that much interest and so standalone apps were good enough for most part. However, later with a flood of different kinds of devices be it tablet, mobile or any small to large screen desktop monitors, users could use the same app from many different devices and it lead to the need for scaling apps.

That’s when rather than having different standalone apps it made sense to create a common API which can easily and effectively scale to the ever-changing needs of the customer base. However, with the advent of so many technologies to create APIs, no real standard way of designing APIs has been developed. But for most part there is an agreement on what works the best and this series of blog posts will go over how to about designing these APIs right. Again, in the absence of a real standard, it’s hard to create rigid conventions. However, most of what is going to be talked about comes from a real-world experience moving legacy apps to an API model or creating a new API from scratch which is not only resilient and stable, but scalable and fast.

More details can be found at http://devproconnections.com/web-development/restful-api-development-best-practices

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