Commissions Auditing

Delved deep into the business of our client in the Insurance Industry and re-designed and developed a complete commissions framework with automated auditing

If you’ve worked with Commissions you know that you are dealing with one of the most complex business problems ever. What happens when the policy you’ve received commission for is revoked? Even worse, it was revoked 180 days before but for some reasons the agent never got revoked? And what if by now the consultant who received the commission has already left the agency? And many more complicated issues.

By design it had to be a Service Oriented Architecture, given the amount of different systems that we had to pull relevant data from. So, the obvious choice was WCF. Some of the data processing had to be asynchronous and an Enterprise Service Bus was the best option. The stack was typical web stack, ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor View Engine, C# 4.0, Sql Server, Entity Framework, NService Bus, WCF, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and CSS3.

Accuracy and security are two main requirements of a successful app in the Insurance Sector and the Ria team is excited to be the ONLY professional services provider at this client given the success of the app.

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