CRM Integration

Helped our clients in the recruiting industry to create a custom search engine that ties up with Microsoft CRM dynamics and has Outlook integration.

If you are in the recruiting industry, you realize that the best app is the one that lets you search the most relevant candidates real quick. And most of the products out there may not be that sophisticated. However, at the end of the day it’s all about which recruiter gets to the right guy before the other.

A great recruiting app is one that has a great user experience and is powered by some amazing search techniques. Please refer to the ‘Enterprise Search’ blog post for more details on how we handle search. However, for this app, our professionals created a highly customized search engine and integrated it with Microsoft CRM. Since we added Outlook integration for the search piece, it made it even easier to keep track of the candidates.

Recruiters loved to get to what they want with as low as couple of clicks whereas they used to get there after selecting few drop downs and doing an advanced search. Our google like search box technique and addition of recommendations engine, ranking, boosting, faceting and other information retrieval techniques makes their life easier.

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