iPad Win8 Dashboard

Designed and Developed an iPad/Android/Win8 compatible dashboard for a leading product vendor in the world. Short delivery life-cycle involving the UX, Branding and Dev Teams.

This project was a great team effort with UX, Branding and Dev Teams working together. Our Branding Expert used to lead Branding efforts for Richards Group. Our UX team is comprised of Thought Leaders that are very well respected in that community. One of our Principal Consultants also sits on the board of an organization that trains professionals on UX at a university in California and is well-connected with the UX organizations world-wide.

Since it was a branding effort, everything from great design to the usability of the app needs to be good. Effort to simplify things is usually a lot more complicated than it sounds to be. Vision: The vision was to create a dashboard for a CEO who needs the information to make sense in a matter of seconds. It was clear that it needed to be an app that could run on any device be it iPad, Android tablets, Windows 8 or desktop browsers. Since the app is for executives, we cannot compromise on performance or user experience.

'A picture is worth 1000 words' – with that being our guideline we started working on the app. We used the vendor controls to showcase how they can be used to create amazing user experience and how they can be adapted to any generic business so easily.

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