What’s different about our recruiting?

Cazton. offers full-service technology staffing solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We handle contract, contract-to-hire and full-time recruitment for clients across the country. We use our expert developers and technical recruiters to find the most highly-skilled technical talent that best fits our clients’ culture and project requirements.

No Job Boards

Recruiting through job boards means a lot of competition. Quite often the best hires come from within our network. The Cazton. team has an amazing network of technical professionals all over the world: US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, South Africa, Australia, just to name a few. Our consultants speak at top conferences and work with the top talent.

We have been extremely successful in bridging the gap between the corporation and the candidate.

Non-Traditional Screening

We interview on a constant basis in order to always have the best candidates available for our clients. A part of the Cazton. interview process includes a technical screening. On average, less than 10% of potential candidates make it through our screening and another 7% are filtered out by our code test. This means only the strongest candidates are made available to our clients.

For our preferred clients, we provide the code test results and a video interview with the candidates in order to provide you a rich assessment of your new hires.

No Room for Failure

Our experience in the tech and software industry means we understand your company and your challenges. We work with Fortune 500 companies and top technical talent all over the world. Our insight into the industry enables us to identify pitfalls before they even happen, which means we can tailor the candidates to best suit your company, your culture, and your unique challenges.

No Nonsense Experts

Our experts have trained developers from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and other top tech companies. We take pride in using those experts to recruit for you.

For our preferred clients, we also offer contract-to-hire and full-time placement services.

No Non-Technical Recruiters

All our recruiting is done by our developers, architects, and engineers who do a phenomenal job matching the right person with the right job.

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