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Creating highly performant, scalable websites - From SPA to Backend

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How to write good code? How to create scalable, high performing websites? How to create Single Page Apps? How to go from coder to craftsmen in few days? and How to create successful projects in time and under budget? This is the first time Cazton. is sharing it's secret of success.

After having great success with events like jsSaturday and Dallas Day of Dot Net, we are launching our first Texas road trip. We shall be covering UI frameworks, SOLID principles, HTTP Fundamentals, Mobile browsers, dynamic HTML creation, Single Page Applications, Local Storage, IndexDb, Security with OWASP, architecting REST the right way, Comparison of No-Sql databases, Unit Testing(both Javscript and C#).

Then we shall be creating an End to End app using, but not limited to the following tools: SPA framework, Web API, IOC container, Authentication/Authorization, ORM like Nhibernate or EF Code First, SOLID principles, Unit of work pattern, Repository Pattern, Data Layer, Business Layer, Services Layer, Unit Testing (both UI and Server side).

  • 10 things every developer must know
  • Architectural Principles and patterns
  • SOLID principles, IOC framework analysis, OWASP threats
  • Unit of work related patterns
  • SOLID principles
  • Quick 20 Year History of Web Site Architecture
  • Review, Request/Response Architecture, HTTP Fundamentals, Introducing AJAX, HTML5, Mobile and Modern Browsers, Rising User Experience Expectations - Speed, Interactivity, Animations, etc
  • A Simple SPA - Introducing Concept of View Swapping
  • RESTful APIs: 15 apps - One API. Best Practices. Web API - Code
  • Data Layer. How to create the right abstractions. Best Practices. ORM - Code
  • Comparison of No-Sql databases. No-Sql code
  • Unit Testing, UI Unit Testing (Javascript). Mocking. Server side Unit Testing. Unit Testing - Best Practices. Unit Testing - Code
  • Using a JavaScript Template to Generate Markup. Quick Intro to Using JavaScript Templates
  • A Dive into Handlebars
  • Retrieving JSON and Dynamically Create HTML
  • Stuffing Content in Storage, Introduction to localStorage, Introduction to IndexDB
  • Offload Markup to Storage. Use Markup & Templates On-Demand
  • Leverage Storage to Minimize Network Traffic. Call local data before making an AJAX call. Review the jQuery way, reqwest (ajax micro library)
  • Adding Offline Support. Assembling it All Together for a SPA
  • What About SEO? Tactics to Keep Search Engines Happy
  • Sql Modelling. Comparing No-Sql databases
  • Best practices for scalability
  • Create an End to End SPA. Includes: SPA framework, Web API, IOC container, Authentication/Authorization, ORM like Nhibernate, or EF Code First, SOLID principles, Unit of work pattern, Repository Pattern, Data Layer, Business Layer, Services Layer, QUnit and NUnit/MSTest

Meet Our Team

Chander Dhall

Chander Dhall - Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor

Chander Dhall is an awarded Microsoft MVP and world-renowned technology leader in architecting and implementing solutions. He''s not only rescued software development teams, but also implemented successful projects under tight deadlines and difficult business constraints. His company has a proven track record of not just saving the client millions of dollars, but also providing an expedited delivery time. Chander''s team of experts are internationally-acclaimed speakers in top technical conferences in the world.

As a Microsoft Azure Advisor, ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor, DocumentDB Advisor, and an MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies, Chander has insight into new releases on technologies used by millions of developers. His critical advice, impeccable vision, futuristic strategy backed with creating and establishing best practices in the industry are some of the reasons for his unparalleled success.

At the same time, he''s a voracious and highly-respected speaker. Chander is known to elucidate critical and complex concepts while making them easy to understand. He''s one man who can talk to anyone from a junior developer, a senior architect all the way to an executive and knows how to speak their language. He has utilized his amazing business sense having started a company with zero funding and turned it into a multi-million-dollar company in less than two years.

Chris Love

Chris Love - Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider

Chris Love has authored 2 books, working a new Mobile Web App book and is a 5 time ASP.NET MVP. He is also an ASP.NET Insider. Chris has nearly 20 years, yes that's right, of web development experience. He has built a wide variety of web sites and applications in those years. In the past couple of years he has begun to immerse himself in the mobile web application space. This is giving him some amazing experiences using cloud technologies, HTML5 and all the major mobile platforms. Currently he is focusing on solving the problems many enterprises are having adopting a winning mobility strategy. He is a principal consultant with Cazton..

Training Highlights

Creating an End to End SPA includes:

1. SPA framework

2. ORM like Nhibernate, or EF Code First

3. Unit of work pattern, Repository Pattern, Data Layer

4. Business Layer, Services Layer

5. QUnit for UI Testing

6. SOLID principles

7. HTTP Fundamentals

8. Mobile Browsers

9. REST - Best Practices (Web API)

10. Enhancing User Experience (UX)

11. HTML5 local storage - Best Practices

12. Comparing No-Sql Databases

13. Top 10 things every developer must know

14. Dive into Handlebars

15. Major jsLibraries including angular, request etc

16. IOC - Best Practices

17. ORMs - Best Practices

18. Javascript - Best Practices

19. Unit Testing - Best Practices(MSTest/NUnit)

20. Multi-Platform and Multi-Tenant Applications

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