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Next-Gen UI, API, and Server Side: Beginner to Advanced

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Are you building next-generation web apps? Do you want these apps to scale and be easily maintainable? Do you want to learn the best of all 3 worlds – UI, API and Server Side? This full-day workshop is for you. It’s a mix of code and concepts. Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider, and Web API Advisor Chander Dhall will cover the 3 tiers needed for multi-client, scalable, next-gen apps. He will be covering all levels from beginner to advanced and will provide a lot of code and slides to take away with you. Chander Dhall owns a consulting company with 100% success rate on fixed bid projects on-budget, on-time. He is known to have scaled enterprise apps with more than a billion hits/days and has led successful projects for Fortune 500 clients.


  1. Basic Javascript: Objects, arrays etc.
  2. Functional Programming (Beginner - All Code)
  3. Functional Programming (Advanced - All Code)
  4. Advanced Javascript (All code)
  5. Angularjs (All code)


  1. Web API Principles and Guidelines (PPT)
  2. REST (PPT)
  3. ASP.NET Web API (Beginner) (All code)
  4. Node.js Web API (Beginner) (All code)
  5. ASP.NET Web API (Advanced) (All code)

Server Side

  1. SOLID Principles (PPT)
  2. SOLID Principles (All code)
  3. Enterprise Patterns (includes Unit of Work, Repository, DI, DDD)
  4. Entity Framework (All Code)
  5. No-Sql vs Sql (PPT)
  6. Comparing No-Sql databases (PPT)
  7. No-Sql databases (All code)
  8. Azure Storage, Doc Db (All code)
  9. Elasticsearch (on-premise and Azure), Azure search (All code)

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