Enterprise Web Development

An informal hangout where we will try our best to cover the case for doing modern web development

1. What is classic web development

2. what is modern web development
    --> Touch, Mobile, Touch, Performance first - I all this user first development

3. Why Companies Need to Upgrade to IE 10/11
    --> Easier Coding
    --> Great ROI

4. What are the HTML5 Features Enterprise Should Leverage?
    --> Semantic markup
    --> New Input Types, Native Validation Storage
    --> Best development patterns
     --> SOLID
     --> Repository pattern
     --> Domain Driven Design

5. What Are the CSS3 Features?
    --> Transitions/Animations because they are sexy
    --> Transforms

6. What About JavaScript?
    --> Need to rely less on bulky one size fits all Frameworks and Libraries
    --> Select a module pattern that is easily extensible, maintainable
    --> Write testable code and test it
    --> Using a JavaScript/CSS build tool
    --> Enterprise Search Highlights

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